Our Investors

The Eljay Foundation for Parkinson Awareness thanks the following persons and organizations for their recent support with their contributions of time and resources.

Mrs. Evelyn Lyon
Mrs. Denise Pink
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Haskin
Mr. Stronnie McBride
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Narcisse
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Haskin
Mrs. Linda Griffin
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Haywood
Mr. Jessie Arceneaux
Ms. Mia Sylve
Ms. Paula Sykes
Mr. Conray Frank
Mr. Nathan Frank
Mrs. Dorlica Frank
Ms. Lori Spriggins
Ms. Tina Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Lee West Harrison
Ms. Jeanella Goodley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stailey
Ms. Melba Cook
Dr. and Mrs. Ancleto Ordinario
Mr. and Mrs. Eligha Guillory, Jr.
Mrs. Nomica Guillory/Excellence in You
SWLA Center for Health Services
Ms. Anne C. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Shon Costillo
Dr. Susan Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Haskin
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Wallace
Ms. Yolanda Botley
Trunkline LNG Company
Open Arms Baptist Church/Rev. Carlos Ross
Mr. and Mrs. E.W. Blankenstein
Mr. and Mrs. Eligha Guillory, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Roy Simar
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Abrego
Texas Ranger Posse
Ms. Dorothy Pitre
Ms. Mary Lazenby
Ms. Omelia Pitre
Mr. and Mrs. Rowdy Gaudet
Mr. Leonard Matuszewski
Mrs. Iris Mary Cline
Mrs. Mildred Wilson
Mrs. Agnes Guillory
Mrs. Cora Morrow
Dr. Reynard Odenheimer
Dr. Fayez Shamieh
Ms. Patricia St. John Danko (Espana/Spain)
Richard Jones
Calcasieu Parish Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Melba Cook
Gloria Hypolite
Mary Jones
Ernesteen Valere
Pam McZeal
Mary Jean
Monica Sanders
Barry Whitten
Alberto Maxwell
Geralyn Simon
Delta Downs Racetrack and Casino