From Concept to Reality


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Eligha Guillory Jr.

Who would have thought nearly 20 years ago that a simple idea to start a support group among friends would blossom into what it is today? The Orange County Parkinson Support Group, which is a fun group of “movers and shakers”, was started by Wanda Simar and Ella Guillory, and we thank them for their tireless efforts over the years. The Eljay Foundation is very proud of you and glad to be a partner in service to those affected with Parkinson disease.

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A Wake Up Call

” Thank you Eljay Foundation!

I can’t thank the Eljay Foundation enough for what they have done for my husband, Lloyd.  He was diagnosed in 2014.  We didn’t have a clue what to do.  We felt very alone. We started looking around to see what our options were and that’s when we found the Eljay Foundation.  Eligha Guillory Jr. was the first person we made contact with.  He was so understanding and so knowledgeable about the disease. He sent us a packet of information about Parkinson’s disease and through that we began to understand that we were indeed not alone.  Eligha told us about our local support group which we joined immediately.  We decided then that we would become involved and help others as we were helped.

Thank you so much!” Lloyd and Peggy Woodson (May 2019)

Thank you for all you do
I became aware of the Eljay foundation when my doctor recommended that I join the Rock steady boxing program.
I know that we are a small group but I am always lifted to see my fellow “boxers” and so proud that we have this option in town, so generously sponsored by the foundation.
Parkinson disease is quite common and manifests differently in each of us. Just fighting the isolation is a win, it keeps from dwelling on losses
Thank you” – Carole A. (April 2018)


The group has helped us in many ways. It is a wonderful support network and a comfort to us to know that there are people who are experiencing the same health challenges. It Is inspiring and motivating to meet people who have dealt with  Parkinson’s disease. We’re grateful for everything we’ve learned and for the support we’ve received.”
Michael and Donna Ortego (April 2018)


I thank God for the Eljay Foundation and for Ella and Jay Guillory.  Through them and the wonderful galas that the group puts on, I have learned so much about Parkinson disease.  I had an aunt who had Parkinson disease and many times I thought she was just putting on, not really enduring the symptoms she complained about.  Now I can see, she was not just putting on.” – Linda L. (June 6, 2009)



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