LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) – The message “Love is Colorblind,” is simple to drivers who stopped by at King’s Funeral Home on Wednesday to pick up their free mask.

“No matter who you are, where you came from, what you look like – it doesn’t matter because you should love everyone anyway,” Lake Charles resident Kaitlyn Ashworth said.

People First Insurance Family partnered up with King’s Funeral Home to distribute 500 masks with the message printed on the front so the message of equality can spread in the community.

Organizer and mask designer Ridge Druilhet said the design is supposed to look like a child wrote it to symbolize the type of love they express.

“Pure,” Druilhet said. “I know that it doesn’t look perfect, but love doesn’t have to be perfect. Love is amazing as it is.”

Burnadette Watt came by to pick up a bundle of masks for the Diamond Divas of Lake Charles, who are shooting a music video with the masks on Thursday.

In one hour, all 500 masks were handed out.

“I’m excited,” Druilhet said at the turnout. “The feedback is phenomenal, people love the message. It’s absolutely overwhelming and breathtaking to know that it’s okay if you have an idea that you feel can change the world. It’s okay to stand up and voice your opinion …. take that leap of faith.”

Druilhet said he partnered with the Eljay Foundation to continue accepting donations for future giveaways.